When asked to make unique merchandise for TBWA, we knew we wanted to create something that people could make their own. Because although we wear merchandise because we feel identified with that brand, we don’t all want to wear the exact same sweater with a logo.

Undeniable Goods is a line of apparel for the employees to personalize with designs inspired by TBWA’s journey. We launched it during a surprise pop-up event at the agency, where people could choose among a range clothing items and pick a design to be printed then and there at our heat press stations.


Copywriter & Art director Sofia Soldevila

Copywriter Vaishnavi Rai

Art director Thit Lin Venning

Art director Victoria Lyons

Art director Jillian Nedd

Art director Scarlett Maestre

Art director Elexus Greene

Art director Miesha Agrippa

Photography Daniel Okin