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Brand: Renvi

Renvi is a luxury jewelry line inspired by Roman and Greek architecture with a fresh and contemporary perspective.


Renvi doesn’t follow current trends; therefore, the brand needs to make an extra effort in expressing its voice to consumers. 


Considering the brand's strong concept and core values, we came up with a new artistic  movement based on Renvi's identity with the intention of inspiring its consumers to unleash their creative.

To promote it, we will create a digital activation on Instagram. The brand will introduce 6 unique Instagram stickers using jewelry pieces and invite creatives to create photography art inspired by Renvi jewelry by combining classic and contemporary styles. 

10 lucky winners will be selected and have the opportunity to create artwork for an event that will launch Renvi’s new jewelry collection.


A movement that embraces the meshing of classic and contemporary styles by using Renvi jewelry as instruments to inspire and produce art.

Pre-Digital Activation Posts

Introducing #renvism

Announcing Contest

Nashua Castro – Strategist

Elena Rotar – Strategist

Thiago Narvaez – CW

Sofia Soldevila – CW & AD

User Experience


User's Story

Re-post by Renvi

Post-Digital Activation Pinterest Board

Print Ads

Tagline: Ancient contemporary gems


The 10 selected winners will design statues that will look like the ancient Roman and Greek but will show a modern attitude to reflect Renvism's essence. These statues will be the ones wearing Renvi’s new jewelry collection at the event organized for its launch.

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